Android (Micro-USB) Type 2 - VOLT Power Tabs

Android (Micro-USB) Type 2

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VOLT Power Tabs Android (Micro-USB) Type 2, is made for charging compatibility with Android (Micro-USB) devices.

This is the most powerful charging device on the market of its kind with 1,800 mAh!

The outer shell of the charger is made from the newest plastic combination and is disposable and the battery cell inside is li-poly so it can be simply disposed of in the trash once fully used*. Each VOLT Power Tabs can be used in an emergency where power is out and badly needed or simply when you are in a crunch. Our chargers generate up to 4 hours* of extra usage and have a shelf life of 5 years*.

Simply turn on the switch to begin battery flow, plug it in your device, and let your device power up. 

When your device is done charging, recycle it in store!*

*Please see our recycling instructions. 4 hours of extra usage is possible based on tests done on various devices. 5 year shelf life is possible based on tests done under various conditions. VOLT Power Tabs may react differently based on various conditions, which we cannot control. We are not responsible for any malfunctioning of your device or VOLT Power Tabs.


Dimensions 64 x 57 x 10 mm
Connectors Available Android (Micro-USB)
 mAH 1,800
Output 5V